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Drive a hybrid, get great parking ?

Some local businesses are rewarding drivers of hybrids by reserving prime parking spaces for them. At Sunflower Farmers Market in Denver,  six spots are saved up front for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. The trend comes as sales of hybrids climb worldwide and more manufacturers jump into the market. But some say that despite the good intentions, there might be difficulty in deciding what constitutes a fuel-efficient vehicle and enforcing the use of the parking spaces.  Full Story by Andy Vuong of The Denver Post.

The Beef ..

So I’m trolling around the parking lot of my favorite grocery retailer in my Ford Expedition, slowly passing open, but unavailable parking spots.  Every prime spot is guarded carefully by discouraging blues signs.  One after the other,  reserved for … “Handicapped” … “Expectant Mothers” … “Deli Only” … “Employee of the Month” … “Compact Cars Only” … “10 Minute Parking” … “15 minute Parking“….  Oooh, there’s one  !!  Ahhh, too close to the cart rack  …. “Dog Lovers Only”  … “Authorized Vehicles Only” … “Motorcycles Only” … “Manager Parking Only” ….  entering overflow parking …. “Babies on Board” …. “Employees Only” … “Bronco Fans Only” … “Starbuck’s Customers Only” …. Wait, what’s that ? … “Hybrid Cars Only  ….  Hot Blessed Cafe Lattee!  I’m in !!








Syrian Nuclear Reactor or Club Med ?

Satellite images show a suspected nuclear facility site in Syria before (left) and after a Sept. 6, 2007 Israeli air strike. Today, U.S. intelligence officials will try to convince Congress that Syria was building the reactor with North Korean assistance before it was bombed in 2007.  Read Full Story

The Beef ….

I’m not saying I need further evidence this was a nuclear reactor site …. but If you look closely at the second photo, you can see a Syrian in a golf cart scratching his head wondering what happened to 18th hole and the clubhouse.  Fortunate for him, he shanked his drive two hundred yards to the right.  Can’t say the same for poor syrian sheep herders sucking down a cold brewski at the 19th hole. 

Sorry for the lean beef, but had to squeeze a couple jokes in :)

For those of you upset about my insensitivity or concerned about the lives that might have been lost…  no worries, I have confirmion the golfer’s camels were sited grazing happily out back on the driving range.



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Hillary to resurrect Rod Sterling ?

If Hillary wins by a  small margin in PA , the twilight zone will continue for a couple more episodes.  She may want to consider resurrecting Rod Sterling for a little Sci-Fi guidance.   For those of you too young to recall, Rod Sterling hosted The Twilight Zone, a nightly anthology that ran on TV in the early sixties.  It was a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror … a world not to unfamiliar to the Hillary’s campaign these days.   In this drama, Hillary is truly in despair; hanging on to hope, with not much left but her pride.   I bet she wishes she could dig back into the Tzone archives and resurrect her own cult hit.  But unfortunately for her, it looks like the best she can hope for is a spinoff… as second in command.  Assuming Obama and Hillary can stomach and withstand the horror to be imparted by John McCain and the Republican campaign. 

Thanks for the read, and I look forward to your comments.


The Five Second Rule

According to lore and legend, dropped food that spends less than five seconds on the floor – the so-called five-second rule – is still safe to eat because rogue bacteria need more time to taint it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are googles of opinions, and even legitimate scientific studies, but there still remains no consensus on how safe it is to eat dropped food.  More information from Research and Naysayers.  Feel free to skip it and head straight to ….

The Beefs.

Let’s not over complicate this … The “5 second” Rule is not only a legitimate rule of eating etiquette, but a necessity of life for many.   If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about.   If you threw away everything that hit the floor, you might as well push your grocery cart right out the store and straight to the nearest garbage canister.  

And this rule doesn’t only apply to homes with kids, but likely to anyone who’s penny conscious, pocket poor, or just plain hungry !  A college dorm comes to mind.  Although, if I recall my days back in college, it was more like the “5 day” rule.  And as I think more about it, it wasn’t so much about time, but instincts.  A simple primal test of the senses, albeit not a lot of common sense.   Basically, if you could identify it, and it didn’t offend the olfactory, it was worth further exploration. 

Like many rules, the “5 second” rule has many incarnations, mostly based on the circumstances.  But there are some basic fundamentals to the rule that don’t change, and require immediate reaction when the goods hit the floor.  After much pain and suffering, mostly on your part for having to read this, I present the “The Five W’s in Five Seconds” ….

Who else has their beads on it ?  Remember this is a competition, not an exhibition.  No points for style, just get after it.  Of course, always process all five W’s before you leap. 

Where is the drop point ?   Is it your kitchen floor, at a restaurant, at a wedding reception ?  This is obviously important information to gauge the level of embarrassment if spotted in the act.  Or worse, making a complete fool of yourself in public nose diving for runaway Marciano cherry. 

What is it and will it roll ?   While bouncing can lead to quick recovery, rolling can often lead to disaster.  See Why

Why is it always the last one ?   No time to think of this, but it inevitably crosses your mind … especially if it just rolled under the refrigerator. 

When it’s time to concede a loss ?   If there are any injuries, most importantly yours, then its time to let this one go.  Wallow shortly in your defeat, and settle on something else to satisfy your hunger.  Hopefully on reflection, your disgrace and humiliation will benefit you in future recoveries.


22 Innings, 3 Seventh Inning Stretches Later

Play Ball !  22 Innings, 6 Beers, 5 dogs, 4 bathroom breaks,  and 3 seventh inning stretches later … the Colorado Rockies sleep walk out of Petco Park, defeating the Padres 2 – 1.  

The Beef …  

Living in the Denver area over the last 5 years, and with their incredible streak to the World Series last year, I’ve developed into a real Rockies fan.   Not much to beef about unless your a Padres fan, right ?   Well, I thought so until I read a few of the post game comments by some of the players.   Troy Tulowitski is fast becoming one of the best shortstops in the game, albeit robbed for rookie of the year honor last year, but his post game comments struck me …

“It’s tough to keep your head into it and put together good at-bats and be into every pitch,” Tulowitzki said. “We were talking about how our legs were hurting out there. It’s tough to stand on your feet for 22 innings and keep moving.”  Full Story

“It’s tough to stand on your feet for 22 innings?”   Come on, how tough can it be to play ball for 6 hours.  Hey, you get to sit for a half inning every inning, and get paid millions of dollars to boot.    Makes you wonder what they would do if they had to get a real job and see what us poor schlubs have to put up with all our lives.   We work all day, and then sit on our butts all night watching a baseball game until 1:30am in the morning.  Did I mention how many times I had to get up and go to the bathroom ?  On my last run I stubbed my big toe on my son’s Tonka truck, and had to ice it for the last 3 innings.   The wife’s asleep, I’m injured … who’s going refresh my drink !?

Tulowitzki doubles to left-center in the top of the 22nd to score the winning run ! 

Wahhhoooo !!   Off to bed.


US Ranks Fifth in Executions in World

LONDON (April 15) – China executed more people than any other country in the world last year by putting at least 470 people to death, but the number of executions in the country actually fell by more than half compared to the year before, Amnesty International said.  Read Full Story by Kelvin Chan, AP.

 The Beef ….

The first thing that came to mind when seeing this article was that the Pro Life activists would be dismayed that we’re not more concerned about the abortion rate.  But I’ll leave that thought behind for now, and focus on the snuffed out lives for those that most likely deserved it.  I say most likely, because there is always a percentage that were wrongly convicted.  And others that are probably more deserving of the death penalty, escape on a technicality.  And there lies my dilemma, my beef is not so much whether the death penalty is proper justice, but whether we’re getting it right, and whether its even possible to get it right.  Like everything else that involves human judgment, we have a fairly high tendency to screw it up.   Even worse when these decisions are being made under the powerful influences of politics, special interest groups, corruption, etc.   I don’t envy those that are involved in this process, its a part of humanity, or inhumanity that you wish you could just sweep under the rug.   But one liberating thought is that the in United States, unlike the other countries in the top 5, we’re not affraid to bring it into the light.

Thanks for the read ..  Stevo.

Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape Sells for $1.5M

A 15-minute film of Marilyn Monroe engaging in an oral sex act with an unidentified man will be kept from public view by a New York businessman who has bought it for $1.5 million, the broker of the deal said on Monday.   Read Full Story by By DANIEL TROTTA, Reuters.Marilyn Monroe

The Beef …..

First of all, I’m thinking this has to be a hoax simply because a tape of this nature, involving Marilyn no less, would certainly grab more than a paltry 1.5 million.   Not a bad investment if you ask me.   Many would certainly blow (no pun intended) a couple million, knowing that this would easily fetch 10 times that from a myriad of tabloid sources.   Of course, this is assuming you would stoop that low?   It’s a lot of money, but I’m not sure if just letting her rest in peace isn’t the better road taken.   Beyond whether she is deserving of her lofty status, she was, if nothing else, a magnificent beauty.   And certainly few have radiated her sex appeal before or since.

If the unidentified business man’s intent is truly to protect Monroe’s privacy, then he should be applauded.  But better judgment tells me there is much more to this story than currently being divulged.  With so many high profile players potentially surrounding this story … Marilyn, the FBI, the Kennedy’s, Joe DiMaggio … there’s certainly more to reveal here than 15 minutes of debauchery.  

That’s my beef (uhhh, again, no pun intended :)


Warning of Global Food Crisis leads to more Global Warming Debate …

Scientists warned Thursday that climate change in coming decades will cause more floods in the Northern Hemisphere and droughts in the south and in arid areas, which may lead to a global food crisis.  Full Article

Below are a few comments I particularly liked, and received approval from the authors to post on “The Beefs”.  Interesting, if not compelling, arguments.  I look forward to your follow-up comments.

The Beefs ….  <in no particular order>


 spindr4015 11:01:32 PM Apr 14 2008

Whenever you read “global warming”, think “global governance”.  There is no scientific consensus on global warming.  Consensus is antithetical to science.  Climate is always changing with or without man. There is no evidence to prove that manmade activities is the cause of global warming. The activities of the sun is a huge factor.  Can we control the sun?   Global warming would be a good thing especially for North Dakotans and Russians. The Medieval Warming Period (which was significantly warmer than now and no manmade Green House Gases)  was a golden age for agriculture, life spans increased and yes, Greenland was green.  There is no way to “take the temperature” of the earth.  The global warming claims are based on averaging out the world’s reporting stations.  When the Soviet Union collapsed  in 1989,  thousands of reporting stations went off-line (mostly in the frozen north) because the new Russia had more on its mind (like a collapsed economy, coups, and trying to find missing nuclear weapons) than babysitting thermometers in the Arctic circle.  Therefore, missing these perennially low temperatures, the averages went up in the 90s.  Trading carbon credits is a scam.  We are now trading something that doesn’t exist. Big  businesses  lobby for  global warming policies that will increase their profits. Politicians  benefit from these lobbyists.  Green House Gases are what makes this planet habitable.  Without them we would have the atmosphere of Mars.  Nature provides nearly all of GHGs, with volcanic eruptions, oceanic activities such as evaporation, forests and plants dying and decaying, swamps belching and cows farting.  When you hear a “scientist” making these dire predictions check to see if his degree is in “political science”.   Read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming” for real science, not propaganda that instills fear so we will be more cooperative while parting  with more of our dollars and freedoms.  ~Naomi


metro604c 06:47:13 PM Apr 12 2008

I’m not a liberal, nor am I a moron, but I can’t believe that all of you who are in denial here actually don’t see what is happening here. Pollution out of control, fossil fuel use at it’s highest level, China totally ignoring the rest of the world and creating an Asian cesspool, the world’s corporations and governments fabricating a rosy picture and lying their asses off, all in the name of the almighty dollar. Global change is happening, you know it is! Open your eyes…. Global warming, Ice age, famine, whatever….. We are the ones doing ourselves in and ruining the future for our children.




jwvts 06:45:33 PM Apr 12 2008

You have to love the way things are bent to suit a cause.
Remember in the early days “The Planet Has a Fever” a favorite mantra of Gore, hence “Global Warming”. Only problem is the numbers, when actually looked at, didn’t quite support that statement.

Oh my God, what to do? What statement/mantra can we use? Climate change.
It’s one of those vague political statements that mean absolutely anything:
Colder, warmer, wetter, windier, drier, more storms, less storms, and the beauty of these two little words is that they really can’t be challenged. If there is a “prediction” of more or less of something, the fact that they, the people who made these assinine predictions are wrong, just blame it on “Climate Change” see it’s different than what we said. Brilliant!


sgentilejr 06:44:26 PM Apr 12 2008

My position on the subject is that they (the environuts) should be concentrating on the “air pollution” aspects and leave Global Warning to Mother Nature. The Last Ice Age ended why?……….Global Warming….which began long before mankind had any possible relation with planet Earth warming 13,000 years ago. Our temperature measurement recordings only go back 100 to 150 years which proves nothing in the Big Picture.


Polluting the air we all have to breath is the real issue we should be looking at for “cost effective” ways to clean up our act. Mankind in general is just another one of the millions of species that have existed on this planet. WE like to think we are “special or so special”…but we are nothing more than just one of millions of species that have inhabited this planet….and as we all know species come and species go on this planet…nothing is permanent or lasts forever. Heat comes from solar activity. Solar flares are tracked and solar activity has been higher since the mid 1980’s…check NASA solar flare activity reports.
I also feel we live on a planet full of idiots. They get upset when someone lights a little cigarette…yet we willingly stand in front of a BBQ gill for a half hour or more engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Or we stand next to the exhaust of a parked running vehicle with toxic emissions that could kill in 15 minutes in a confined space and that’s OK, but someone lights a little cigarette and we go nuts.
More, better and faster efforts to contain and extinguish forest fires would do more to save the planet than anything else and NO ONE could possibly object to putting out forest fires faster and more efficiently and reduce the loss of 6 million acres on average in the USA of vegetation and property lost to forest and wild fires…instead like the idiots they are…..they go off in controversial directions. Trees and plants create oxygen and filter the air and they do it for free. They need to be protected from fires that take more trees every year than lumber operations can take in 50 years…instead they go after the lumber industry instead of going after better faster fire fighting efforts. As a nation we can buy and pay for 5,000 military helicopters to make war…but can’t find the money to buy 500 helicopters to attack forest fires when they start.  


rville9755 07:14:30 PM Apr 12 2008

“may” see, “could” see, “might” be…Is that science? If this is so scientifically correct, why the use of these kinds of terms? This is scare science, song and dance, sleight of hand…these people are hoping we will react so that when global warming does not come, they will have control of our lives already. Give me liberty or give me death. Don’t violate my individual right to life, liberty and happiness for the sake of your “global” pipe dream. I say prove it. You haven’t proven anything. Science is not a consensus of so-called “scientists” with government grants. Science is proof positive and there is no proof positive that global warming is even occuring. The solution to global warming if it is real is free enterprise, not global collective slavery of every man on the planet.
“If a man acts according to Reason, he achieves his values.  If not, {he won’t}”  – L. Peikoff


vin550 07:17:45 PM Apr 12 2008

Its pretty simple we are putting heat trapping gases in to our atmosphere and have doing that in increasing amounts for quite a while now. Don’t you non believers think that will catch up with us sometime soon. Bush and Cheney have played us so well, they are walking away leaving us in a pile of poop on multiple levels. Economy – in the toilet, Foreign policy – in shambles, Education – we are breeding a nation of nit wit drop outs, Military – overworked and on the brink of breaking, the list goes on and on, Environmentally God help us. Speaking of God do you think he would approve of how we are treating his creation?


Hyundai … did you say Hyundai ?

Hyundai is not messing around with the Hyundai Genesis. The Korean automaker has set its sights on one of the most prestigious segments extant, the premium sports sedan. Doing a couple of the Japanese contenders better, Hyundai is dropping into the fray swinging, with a rear-wheel-drive platform and a choice of three engines, starting with a 264-hp V-6 and topping out with a 368-hp V-8 attached to a six-speed ZF automatic — and a price tag under $40,000. It’ll feature hot bits such as adaptive everything, a premium interior, eight airbags, and even an optional backup camera. And the Genesis really does look the part, if only because it’s a visual mash-up of every other successful car in the segment.  Full Article.

And now here’s “The Beef” ….. from Barry of BDEarlyDesigns


Thanks BD for the beef and approving the post.


Holy Quran! Camel sells for 3 million.

Dubai’s crown prince paid $2.7 million for a camel during a desert festival celebrating Bedouin traditions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

OK folks, we can now rest easy at the gas pumps, because  we now know the big oil money is going to a great cause.   I guess 2.7 million is chump change for the Arabs .. or would that be hump change ?  

I must admit, she is a hansom hump back .  Makes you wonder what a blonde haired, blue eyed; breeding stock like Britney Spears would fetch in the desert ?  Camel jockies everywhere would be lining up in the desert to ride that blonde beauty :)

I apologize in advance for this beef.