Say it ain’t so Craig ….

So I’ve been shopping for a slightly used, new to me, vehicle over the past couple weeks.  I thought I would give CraigsList a shot, as there seems to be a constant stream of vehicles posted on the site for the Denver area.  Even large dealerships have jumped on the bandwagon.  It is definitely a good resource, but has Craig … uhhh, Jim Buckmaster (Craigslist CEO) noticed that a good portion of the ads are not legit?   At first I was stunned at some of the deals… a 2000 Audi A6 for $3500 … whoooahhhh, when can I take a test drive !?  Only to find out that most, if not all of these “to good to be true” ads are just that.  It’s frustrating to find that most of these are just someone providing an annoyance to Craigslist users, or a scam waiting to happen.  Fortunately for me, after seeing a good two thousand or so of these ads, I finally got up to speed on spotting the bogus ads … if the price isn’t abnormally low, the wording or formatting becomes a dead giveaway.  OK, maybe it only took me a thousand to get a clue J


Anyhow, I still found Craigs to be a great resource for used cars, and a nice alternative to and Auto Traders.  Oh wait, did I mention all the small lots selling post auction junk, and curbstoner’s flipping cars for profit ?  Another beef, another blog J


Still haven’t found a new ride yet… making do driving my beater until the transmission drops in the road …  


Until then … Good day and good beefing.




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