Holy Quran! Camel sells for 3 million.

Dubai’s crown prince paid $2.7 million for a camel during a desert festival celebrating Bedouin traditions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

OK folks, we can now rest easy at the gas pumps, because  we now know the big oil money is going to a great cause.   I guess 2.7 million is chump change for the Arabs .. or would that be hump change ?  

I must admit, she is a hansom hump back .  Makes you wonder what a blonde haired, blue eyed; breeding stock like Britney Spears would fetch in the desert ?  Camel jockies everywhere would be lining up in the desert to ride that blonde beauty :)

I apologize in advance for this beef.



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  2. Ken Letizia on

    These Camel Jockies get richer and laugh at us Americans. How many Americans suffer here in our own country? How many are homeless, have not eaten a decent meal in a month, how many of our children go to bed with empty stomachs? Yeah I think buying gas from foreign oil companies is a good idea. RIGHT!!! Nice, support a CAMEL and not our own people. America wake up. The middle east hates us, and we need to support America, and our future not a Camel.
    Boycott middle east oil.

  3. shadowwolve63 on

    Gas N Go TV? What the Hell!!

    Is it just me, or has anyone else seen the new TV gas pump? I’m paying $3.85 at every Arab Sheik Attack Station in the area. I can hear the Saudis flapping their lips off their tongues and making that noise they make when taking off the head of an infidel. Every time I go to the pump I get Sheik Attacked, and no one in our government is doing anything to change it. What is going on in this country? Oil companies basking in their highest profit margin in history and we the people are struggling to pay for food, heat, GAS to get to work.
    America! Do you understand that Saudis are boycotting all American products? Are you aware those people hate everything we stand for? Are you aware that these companies import oil from the middle east?
    Shell imports 205,742,000 barrels
    Chevron/Texaco 144,332,000 barrels
    Exxon/Mobil 130,082,000 barrels
    Marathon/Speedway 117,740,000 barrels
    Amoco 62,231,000 barrels
    Lets not forget good’ol
    Citgo they get some of their oil from Venezuela, a country who’s dictator openly hates the US and wants to destroy our economy in an attempt to drag us down.
    All of this oil comes from the middle east, where does the money for that oil go? The middle east. We need to cut the OPEC-ERs off!!!
    These companies DO NOT import oil from the middle east, NOT ONE BARREL.
    Sunoco 0
    Conoco 0
    Sinclair 0
    BP/Phillips 0
    Hess 0
    ARCO 0
    Maverick 0
    Flying J 0
    These companies do not use oil from the middle east and we need to support them. Americans need to support America in order to make it strong again. Our current Monkey in office has destabilized the middle east and therefore the price of oil goes up significantly. We in America already have enough stored fuel and future sites for digging that will allow us to cut our dependence on foreign oil. So why don’t we? I would like to see the US cut the middle east off, leave them alone without our money and support and lets see how fast that part of the world tears itself apart. None of our people should be dying for oil, and for people who don’t want them their in the first place. Please feel free to comment. I defend anyone’s right to free speech….no matter how wrong they may be.

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