Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape Sells for $1.5M

A 15-minute film of Marilyn Monroe engaging in an oral sex act with an unidentified man will be kept from public view by a New York businessman who has bought it for $1.5 million, the broker of the deal said on Monday.   Read Full Story by By DANIEL TROTTA, Reuters.Marilyn Monroe

The Beef …..

First of all, I’m thinking this has to be a hoax simply because a tape of this nature, involving Marilyn no less, would certainly grab more than a paltry 1.5 million.   Not a bad investment if you ask me.   Many would certainly blow (no pun intended) a couple million, knowing that this would easily fetch 10 times that from a myriad of tabloid sources.   Of course, this is assuming you would stoop that low?   It’s a lot of money, but I’m not sure if just letting her rest in peace isn’t the better road taken.   Beyond whether she is deserving of her lofty status, she was, if nothing else, a magnificent beauty.   And certainly few have radiated her sex appeal before or since.

If the unidentified business man’s intent is truly to protect Monroe’s privacy, then he should be applauded.  But better judgment tells me there is much more to this story than currently being divulged.  With so many high profile players potentially surrounding this story … Marilyn, the FBI, the Kennedy’s, Joe DiMaggio … there’s certainly more to reveal here than 15 minutes of debauchery.  

That’s my beef (uhhh, again, no pun intended :)



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  1. lisa on

    I have a silly question: if the unidentified business man – IF he exists – intends to protect Monroe’s privacy, then why did he allow the sale to be publicized? Also, the timeline is off. And this Morgan guy has – how convenient – a book on Monroe in the works! As you pointed out, $1.5 mill for something of such historic and cultural significance?! Yeah, and I’m Marilyn and DiMaggio’s bastard kid!

    Sad the “jouranalists” today don’t bother to think or do their homework before they run with a “story”!

  2. Bobby Ewing on

    Why the heck would someone pay $1.5 million when the alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape has been out for awhile now?

    DOH!! hahahaa

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