22 Innings, 3 Seventh Inning Stretches Later

Play Ball !  22 Innings, 6 Beers, 5 dogs, 4 bathroom breaks,  and 3 seventh inning stretches later … the Colorado Rockies sleep walk out of Petco Park, defeating the Padres 2 – 1.  

The Beef …  

Living in the Denver area over the last 5 years, and with their incredible streak to the World Series last year, I’ve developed into a real Rockies fan.   Not much to beef about unless your a Padres fan, right ?   Well, I thought so until I read a few of the post game comments by some of the players.   Troy Tulowitski is fast becoming one of the best shortstops in the game, albeit robbed for rookie of the year honor last year, but his post game comments struck me …

“It’s tough to keep your head into it and put together good at-bats and be into every pitch,” Tulowitzki said. “We were talking about how our legs were hurting out there. It’s tough to stand on your feet for 22 innings and keep moving.”  Full Story

“It’s tough to stand on your feet for 22 innings?”   Come on, how tough can it be to play ball for 6 hours.  Hey, you get to sit for a half inning every inning, and get paid millions of dollars to boot.    Makes you wonder what they would do if they had to get a real job and see what us poor schlubs have to put up with all our lives.   We work all day, and then sit on our butts all night watching a baseball game until 1:30am in the morning.  Did I mention how many times I had to get up and go to the bathroom ?  On my last run I stubbed my big toe on my son’s Tonka truck, and had to ice it for the last 3 innings.   The wife’s asleep, I’m injured … who’s going refresh my drink !?

Tulowitzki doubles to left-center in the top of the 22nd to score the winning run ! 

Wahhhoooo !!   Off to bed.



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  1. Ken Letizia on

    I have not watched baseball or gone to a game since the 94 strike. I was so disappointed that Matt Williams, Ken Griffey Jr, and Frank Thomas, were all stopped on their record breaking home run pace. It was a great year until the ball players went out on strike. Since then I have not given one red cent to baseball. More incentive to not attend is the Balco Baby Bonds, being hailed as some Baseball hero. The guy cheated. He does not deserve the record and should be stripped of every homerun that occurred after his PUMP YOU UP injections. I don’t want my children seeing this cheater as a hero. I tell them about great men like Hammerin Hank Aaron, who made their mark on the sport with hot-dogs and beer, not beef balls. Baseball could just disappear and I wouldn’t miss it. However, my 6 year old and 4 year old, are asking me to go to games with them, so in my stubbornness, do I subject them to my anger at the game? No. They will have to decide that for themselves when the players turn on them and demand more money and cut them off from some great games and record breaking seasons.

  2. Steve T on

    I love the web site! Great “Beef” about the Rockies/Padres game.

    One of my boys who plays baseball and is a catcher has played many tournaments where there were times he caught all three games the same day but that’s only 21 innings so what does he know about 22 innings.

    I really don’t have a “personal” site but one of my passions outside of coaching is videos that I do as a sideline and hobbyist, mainly weddings and of course sports. I also have started doing some print work last year for fun but have also done some logo work for organizations.

    Some of my print work can be found on the link below. I’m the goofball on the left on the homepage if you get that far.

    The second link is a basketball team that I’ve coached over the last 5 years. Well, not all the kids were from the original team, as players had to change teams because of school boundaries and moving away and things like that, but many of them have been playing together.

    Take Care,
    Steve T


  3. Minny Mo on



  4. Wise Johnny on

    Some thoughts on baseball:

    What makes baseball so great is the pace of the game. Unlike football that has play after play and speed with which it is run baseball is like a chess game. Even between pitches you plot your next move or “what if he does this or that, what do I/we do”. Baseball can have so many variables on every pitch. My high school coach said “you can’t be a dummy and play baseball, your physical skills which are important cannot make up for stupid play which you have had time to think about, “what am I going to do if the ball is hit to me”?. Plus the season is 162 games long. I dare someone to just follow a team thru a season stay in the hotels, eat the same old slop every day. Fly from one city to the next, pack and unpack clothes and not even play. Let’s see how many would put up with that routine. Believe me I played some minor league ball and after about 1/2 the season you feel like a mechanical robot. Do I think they are overpaid, NO. I think they should get as much as the owners will give them. Let’s suppose that in your job you were the best and you could set down and negotiate your salary. Would you take 10 million a year if he would pay it……..You darn right you would! So if a baseball owner says I’m worth 10 million a year , do I say, “No, that’s too much money’, I’ll just take $100,000 a year. Yea, right. So don’t hate the players, hate the owners.

    One last thought on sports. IT IS THE GAME THAT MAKES THE EXCITEMENT.. NOT THE PLAYERS”. People scream just as loud at a tee ball game as they do watching the professionals. I’m 4 blocks away from a little league field, I hear them every Saturday, screaming for little Billy to run or home run by Tommy. Just because a player can run faster, jump higher does NOT make the game any more exciting.

  5. Margie on

    I certainly understand your frustration of stubbing your toe on a Tonka truck. Ouch!! that hurts. I missed the game but appreciate your invitation to blog on your page. I do love baseball and feel priviledge that I learned the rules from my Dad on how to keep score. It does make the game more enjoyable. Having moved from the San Diego area a little over two years ago. I have to say I wasn’t happy with the ending of the 22 inning marathon the other night.
    Also your Colorado Rockies defeated my Diamondbacks last year. My heart has always belonged to the Los Angeles Dodgers and I do bleed Dodger blue. I can’t even count how many of their games I’ve been too

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