Hillary to resurrect Rod Sterling ?

If Hillary wins by a  small margin in PA , the twilight zone will continue for a couple more episodes.  She may want to consider resurrecting Rod Sterling for a little Sci-Fi guidance.   For those of you too young to recall, Rod Sterling hosted The Twilight Zone, a nightly anthology that ran on TV in the early sixties.  It was a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror … a world not to unfamiliar to the Hillary’s campaign these days.   In this drama, Hillary is truly in despair; hanging on to hope, with not much left but her pride.   I bet she wishes she could dig back into the Tzone archives and resurrect her own cult hit.  But unfortunately for her, it looks like the best she can hope for is a spinoff… as second in command.  Assuming Obama and Hillary can stomach and withstand the horror to be imparted by John McCain and the Republican campaign. 

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  1. Cecil Jones on

    The Twilight Zone was great TV. The music is still a classic and that’s why I love Nick at Night. Hillary’s Twilight Zone episode would be called, “Victim?” Is she a victim of Bill’s peckadillos in the Oval Office? No. Usually, the woman gets the House when the husband cheats. Hillary got the Senate. Is Hillary a victim of discrimination? No! Hillary is the wrong woman to be running on the issue of empowerment. Is Hillary “Presidential?” If you think Monica Lewinsky is qualified for her sexual activities and the closeness she shared with Bill, then Hillary is qualified. Finally, this is a nightmare for Hillary because if she loses, all she will have is Bill. The family that lies together stays together. They deserve each other. America deserves better. What’s wrong with having someone who will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies? That wagging finger would have ended their show if I was Rod Sterling. Where is Elana Bobbit? Does she do fingers?

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