Syrian Nuclear Reactor or Club Med ?

Satellite images show a suspected nuclear facility site in Syria before (left) and after a Sept. 6, 2007 Israeli air strike. Today, U.S. intelligence officials will try to convince Congress that Syria was building the reactor with North Korean assistance before it was bombed in 2007.  Read Full Story

The Beef ….

I’m not saying I need further evidence this was a nuclear reactor site …. but If you look closely at the second photo, you can see a Syrian in a golf cart scratching his head wondering what happened to 18th hole and the clubhouse.  Fortunate for him, he shanked his drive two hundred yards to the right.  Can’t say the same for poor syrian sheep herders sucking down a cold brewski at the 19th hole. 

Sorry for the lean beef, but had to squeeze a couple jokes in :)

For those of you upset about my insensitivity or concerned about the lives that might have been lost…  no worries, I have confirmion the golfer’s camels were sited grazing happily out back on the driving range.



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3 comments so far

  1. planetross on

    I think all golf course should be bombed. Maybe I’m wrong, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. Ken Letizia on

    Steve, last time I looked Syria was not on the USA “A” list of invitees to the inaugural ball. If any lives were lost, well, that is just one less our Marines and Special Forces have to worry about. I am still of the motto, “Nuc them all! Let God sort them out.” One less Syrian with a gun pointing at my US Marines, is a good Syrian, be that dead or alive. As for the Nuclear power plant. I can only imagine the hell this world would become if one of these petty dictators, or rag-head sheiks, got hold of a nuclear war head capable of destroying an entire city. As we have seen in the past, these crazy ass holes, wont hesitate to use it. Hell, they flew planes into our Twin Towers, Where was the concern for those lives? So anyone defending the loss of any rag-head, or Muslim, can kiss the lower part of my lower back which is my undercarriage.
    Have a Nuclear Day, may the fallout of a thousand pound Nuc, brighten your horizon Syria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and all of the Middle East.

  3. Cecil Jones on

    Some things can’t be funny based on the sensitivity of the national security. What if this was a Club Med or a Golf Course? National security trumps speculation unless you have indisputable evidence. All you have here is “Beef.” Where’s the Beef? There’s no way for an average citizen to know. It’s not like we saw steel melt with a fire fueled by kerosene. Is Jet Fuel 4/5’s kerosene? Why don’t steel grates melt in a campfire? There’s your beef Wellington and T-bone. Stick to what can be proved.

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