Drive a hybrid, get great parking ?

Some local businesses are rewarding drivers of hybrids by reserving prime parking spaces for them. At Sunflower Farmers Market in Denver,  six spots are saved up front for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. The trend comes as sales of hybrids climb worldwide and more manufacturers jump into the market. But some say that despite the good intentions, there might be difficulty in deciding what constitutes a fuel-efficient vehicle and enforcing the use of the parking spaces.  Full Story by Andy Vuong of The Denver Post.

The Beef ..

So I’m trolling around the parking lot of my favorite grocery retailer in my Ford Expedition, slowly passing open, but unavailable parking spots.  Every prime spot is guarded carefully by discouraging blues signs.  One after the other,  reserved for … “Handicapped” … “Expectant Mothers” … “Deli Only” … “Employee of the Month” … “Compact Cars Only” … “10 Minute Parking” … “15 minute Parking“….  Oooh, there’s one  !!  Ahhh, too close to the cart rack  …. “Dog Lovers Only”  … “Authorized Vehicles Only” … “Motorcycles Only” … “Manager Parking Only” ….  entering overflow parking …. “Babies on Board” …. “Employees Only” … “Bronco Fans Only” … “Starbuck’s Customers Only” …. Wait, what’s that ? … “Hybrid Cars Only  ….  Hot Blessed Cafe Lattee!  I’m in !!








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  1. Cecil Jones on

    I totally understand your Beef now! Everybody has a sign that makes them “feel” important. Now they are giving a sign to the “Bottom feeders” who decide to do the unAmerican thing and give up comfort for what? The price of gas is being manipulated by Bush’s Base. Speculation is driving up the price because in a chaotic situation, “Sh-t Happens.” That’s what I think of a hybrid, but it totally represents the American economy. All we can afford is a compact because America is becoming a “Third World Nation.” It runs like trash on trash. You don’t have to worry about it being stolen, but a couple of angry kids could walk away with it. I’m an American until I die! I’ve got a sign for my SUV. Protected by Smith and Wesson! That’s my Beef to support yours. Thanks Stevo.

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