You Lose, You Die in Puerto Rico

I know there was a lot of interest, and stimulating debate, in the aftermath of Eight Belles death at the kentucky Derby.  I thought I’d post a few related recent events worthy of note.  The last of which I’m certain most of you will find alarming.

Big Brown cruises to another easy win in Preakness – still perfect and squarely pointed toward thoroughbred racing’s first Triple Crown in 30 years.

Eight Belles’ Necropsy Report Released – Eight Belles had no diseases or pre-existing bone abnormalities that caused the filly to break down after finishing second in the Kentucky Derby.

Losing Horses Killed at Puerto Rico Track  “You lose, you die. That’s what happens to hundreds of thoroughbreds, many of them healthy, who come up short at the Hipodromo Camarero racetrack in Puerto Rico every year.   More than 400 horses, many in perfect health, are killed each year by lethal injection.

The Beef …

No need, story speaks for itself.



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  1. Cecil Jones on

    Stevo, if anyone has a “Beef” with Eight Belles or the current state of horse racing, I’ve got a suggestion. If you can’t beat em, join em. The Belmont will be a race where you can send a message that will make history. Bet Big Brown and Casino Drive boxed with an “All”, and “All” trifecta. Sit back and pray neither one gets kneecapped and you’ll win.

  2. Ken Letizia on

    Cecil you hilarious. Kneecapped, if only that could have been predicted with Nancye Kerrigan, I would have cleaned up in Vegas.

  3. Celi Rey on

    I am an animal lover and a vet student, but I cannot agree with a comment like. “If you loose in Puerto Rico you will die.” First you will have to look at the Necropsy report done on this horse to find out why it collapse close to the finish line. Plus does this person have any evidence to back up the claims that many healthy horses are euthinized if they collapse after a race. The doctor give a recommendation, the owner makes the final call. This type of comment is ignorant and gives a poor and brutal representation of the island. I do not agree with the sport but dont bash the country. Have some respect.

  4. simon1980 on

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