Does Hillary Have The Popular Vote ? Clinton’metrics 101

“I am very proud that as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anybody else,” she said after her narrow Indiana victory and before her big win in West Virginia on Tuesday. “It’s a very close race, but if you count, as I count, the 2.3 million people who voted in Michigan and Florida, then we are going to build on that.”

Since then, Clinton has tempered her claim of being ahead in votes, although her aides have not.

“I think I’ve now been privileged to receive the votes of 17 million Americans, and that’s pretty much the same as Senator Obama,” she said Wednesday on CNN.

Her campaign chairman, Terry McAuliffe, went farther Wednesday: “We are ahead in the popular vote — I cannot stress this enough.”

The Beef …

I counted every vote and it all adds up… but only if you’re using “Clintonmetrics”.

“Clintonmetrics” is a system of voting metrics (mathmatics + tricks) developed by the Clintons to spin the voting numbers their way.  Coined here first, on the beefs.  Wikipedia has yet to contact me, but it shouldn’t be long :)

The formula:

fuzzy math + deception + wishful thinking = Clintonmetrics

Regardless of what math they use,  it makes no difference.  This is not a race for votes, it is a race for delegates.   The popular vote is irrelevant, unless you live in Billary’s world.  If you did, Al Gore would be finishing up his second term as president.


If you’re interested in all the numbers, check out the analysis on The Kicker ! 


5 comments so far

  1. Cecil Jones on

    Shows you how popular the Clintons really are. If I’m the only beef you get why waste your time? A chatroom would be faster. There’s nothing to chat about here. A loser that doesn’t want to admit it is a “Sore Loser” and it’s pathetic.

  2. Ken Letizia on

    Cecil, I find it sad that the Democrats cant even mustar a good debate on this site from its candidates. LOL just goes to show no one cares.

  3. Margie on

    I’m not a Clinton fan, however I will say she is right for staying in. After voting in California in every Primary Election for years. It was always decided before we ever got to vote. Let her stay in until the final primary and see what she does then. California finally got it right and moved their primary to Super Tuesday.In the past we had a lot of smaller races that didn’t get the voters out because the primary was already decided. I’m tired of hearing “let every vote count” however it’s the draw of the big election that help the smaller contests.

  4. Diana on

    It is really sad that Clinton has become this desperate and once again is showing her true colors by cheating. Going into this election, Hillary clearly had the advantage because her last name was Clinton. How many Americans outside of Illinois and maybe some of the surrounding states have ever heard anything of Obama…likely not many. So of course when the election day did come, how many people voted for Hillary because she was all they knew since Obama had abided by the rules and not campaigned in the state. I know numerous people who did not vote that day…with soaring gas prices and such a tight economy, what was the point in taking off work some to go vote and lose your hard earned dollar when it didn’t matter anyway. Would Clinton be for counting the votes had Obama been the leader….of course not! She is willing to manipulate America and deny every citizen their right! By now it should be evident that the only person Clinton works for is herself and she will do anything including cheating and lying to America if it somehow betters her lot in life. The only fair way to count Florida is for both candidates to have fair opportunity to campaign and for every person who wants to vote to be able to do so knowing that it will indeed count. The problem is, the citizens of Florida are looking at our economy and all the education cuts and saying a redo would be a waste of money. Clinton was part of the decision to not count us and now is just going to have to accept that decision and live with it!

  5. Cecil Jones on

    Stevo, I’ve got a Beef about the Clinton argument that “She’s more electable.” I took the time to think about this and I started to make a list, but that would be against the rules. I’ll rant like that little old lady Harriet Christian did to help Hillary. First, the Constitution is broken and Hillary would be easier to beat because McCain could contrast Bill’s record on national security against Bush’s. They could blame Clinton for not going after Bin Laden and that in fact blames Clinton for 9-11. Hillary can’t argue this fact because Bill got caught with his pants down and on that perjury thing Ray Charles could see that stain. Second, what’s driving America to change is the broken Constitution and the selective enforcement of law. She lied on Bosnia for no reason and she said, “No woman is illegal.” That’s sexist and clearly selective enforcement on multiple levels. Third, Hillary stuck her finger in the wind and believed, “Bush is unbeatable.” Imagine if she had mustered the courage to start this run in 2004? Her Feminist Army would have been organized and she may have been “Inevitable.” No politician is unbeatable or inevitable unless the process is fixed? Finally, there’s no crying in politics. Howard Dean cried out and he got beat. Al Gore cried, “Foul” and he got left behind. Clinton cried for help and she doesn’t have much time left. We are transfixed on her next move because she’s following the pattern set by Joe Lieberman. Will Hillary be the first “Lieberwoman?” The whole campaign seems hellbent on revenge from impeachment. It’s time for a new face because this plain old vanilla brand ice cream is stale. We couldn’t tell until we tasted it. Now it’s leaving a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I hate creamy things in my mouth that make me want to spit. Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about ice cream.

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