Need Gas Relief ? How ’bout Sticking it to OPEC and Big Oil.

Four Dollars “a gallon” looks like a done deal.  Big Oil’s profits are up.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend ! … for us, or for them ?

I’m sure many will be taking shorter trips this long holiday weekend. While most of us will probably just enjoy the weekend at home with family and friends. And then there’s a few of us, that will be seething at the mouth, conspiring ways to stick it to OPEC and Big Oil !

Here’s a few ideas from a contributor on how to get ‘er done … give it a read, and hit the comments with your take.

The Beef …

1. We need to break up OPEC….they have too much oil to be a monopoly!!!
2. We need independent evaluations of their oil fields… how much oil is available there to pump and how do their reserves look!!!!
3. We need a totally “free market” on oil without supply manipulation and monopolization!!!
4. If a country is caught holding back oil from the market they will be fined millions of dollars!!!
5. We need World Trade Organization, foreign governments, economist, geologist, engineers, accountants, and lawyers to bring this all together…..We don’t need Big Oils involvement because they love OPEC….OPEC keeps prices inflated and Big Oil’s profits up!


Thanks Gary for the contribution.

I’m inline with getting in line this weekend, but only for soda, beer, hot dogs, hamburger, and chips. If I’m going to experience gas pain, its not going to be from filling up at the pump :)


P.B. (Post Beef) …. Enjoy the long weekend, drive safely, and take a moment to remember and reflect upon the U.S. men and women that gave their lives for our country and provided us with freedoms we enjoy today. I am especially thankful for the right and freedom to beef, and appreciative to all of you that have shared your thoughts and comments on this site … you’ve made my life a better place.



27 comments so far

  1. Helios on

    This issue should be very simple. The government needs to do a detailed cost/ profit analysis on the oil companies. Then calculate the lowest possible price per gallon that will keep these companies reasonably profitable. Then cap those damn prices right there. We all need gas to keep America running. This is one situation where government should deffinitely step in.

  2. Ken Letizia on

    With all the new hybrids coming out and the Honda fuel cell vehicle. Guess what? Gasoline vehicles and the oil they use are on their way out. Oil companies and Oil producers are jacking up prices to maxout profits before their precious commoditee is no longer needed for the biggest consumer…The Automobile. My family and I are driving to Disneyland, and at $4.00 a gallon here, I can imagine I-5 will be about $4.95 a gallon. I had to put aside half our money for the cost of gasoline to get us there. This country has emergency oil reserves, enough to last the next 50 years. Bush just needs to open the valves and lower the price for us all. But he wont do that, and neither will McCain. We are all just bent over the pump and unceremoniously hammered in the ass. Have you noticed all the nice televisions at the pumps these days? You and I paid for it.

  3. doug on

    I wonder how much profit would be lost if Americans did not buy any gas on Election Day. Maybe at the least it would send a message to our new leader something must be done to stop the madness of the out of control profits the oil companys are being allowed to make off decent people trying to make a living.

  4. Rob Diego on

    The problem is created by Congress. For 30 years they have restricted the domestic production of energy. They just passed a law that said it was illegal to restrict the production of energy products. Now someone needs to sue Congress. There is only one solution: a free market on energy production. For 30 years congress has restricted fossil fuel and nuclear energy production in favor of “alternative” sources of fuel. It hasn’t worked but they refuse to allow a free market. We need to vote out of office every current member of Congress who has voted to restrict energy production. Primarily, it is the fault of Democrats.

  5. Cecil Jones on

    Stevo, my wife tells me that I should start my “World Tour” and I’m looking for a name for the comedy bit. I think I’ll call it “The Genyi Tour?” You’ve got a bunch of “Genyi” here wasting their time on problems so simple their answers make them look stupid. Can you win betting on the NBA if the referee is betting too on the outcome of a rigged game? The only way to win is to be friends with the ref and don’t get caught. When Bush attacked Iraq, he joined OPEC. The game is rigged. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the price is going up. Market forces don’t apply. The only way to fix it is to stop people from betting and profiting on war. Set the price to $2.00 and the war ends.

  6. Ted G on

    America has a great deal of crude oil but because of the Dems and their Special Interest Masters the oil industry will not invest in domestic exploration to any great degree.
    So , when gas hits $5.00 a gallon or higher thank all those crazy special interest groups.You know the ones that stand in the way of American progress.China moves forward while we stand still and bitch about “Big Oil.”
    Maybe the Special Interest Groups will fund development of a car that runs on water tablets or grass. Until then just shut up or vote for someone that will solve Americas energy problems
    without all the finger pointing that`s going on in Congress today.
    If you think that “Big Oil” is behind to spike in gas prices ,think again. China , India and more then a dozen other countries are consuming more and more of the world crude oil production. That equals more demand which results in higher and higher prices .

  7. Jerry on

    This would kill Big Oil’s profit….they make their billions by drilling and selling their oil products on this OPEC inflated market….

  8. Margie on

    I think we are in big trouble. The other night I heard the Secretary of Energy on C-Span in front of a Congressional Hearing on Energy. He doesn’t know anything or is unwilling to answer any questions. His anwswer to every question “I don’t know” If he has no idea who does? No wonder the oil companies are running amuck. I have heard they have 700 million gallons in reserve. At 1 million gallons per day. You do the math. In the short fall that might help. I believe we need more expoloration in the long run and our dependency needs to change. This has been coming for years. I waited in line to buy gas back in the late 1970’s. We just never seem to learn the lessons of the past until it’s to late. Europe has been paying high gas prices for decades.

  9. Ken Letizia on

    Every one of the posts here are correct. Why is it that the government, our government cant listent to the people and start drilling here at home and toss the OPECers, to the curb. Why doesnt our gov. try to take care of its own? A gov, of the people, for the people, by the people? Where is this gov.? Because it sure as heck doesnt exhist here in the USA anymore. Maybe it never did.
    When gas prices are putting people in such dire straights, you would think the gov. would say, “We need a change! We need to help!” But nothing is happening? What is it going to take? More homeless who cant afford rent and gas prices to get to work? Those who cant afford food and gas? Americans, still control this situation. If everyone of us, took public transportation, and just left the cars at home for a month, we could break big oil. It would shut them down. Imagine that, everyone rallying to put big oil in the dumpster, now that would be something special.

  10. Jerry on

    We have to be very careful that we don’t get into the false belief that just because we reduce demand or put more oil on the market because of domestic drilling or opening our reserves that prices will go down….what will probably happen is that OPEC will cut their production of oil just to keep things in balance and the price of oil stays the same.

  11. Margie on

    Ken: Hope you made it to Disneyland for the holiday with the high cost of gas. We were there over Thanksgiving. We left California three years ago. Gas prices were always higher there along with everything else. We still have a lot of family there. As a native of California I couldn’t wait to get out. I think a quick fix as you said,is use some of the reserves that’s what it is there for an “emergency”. Stabilize the market and get some of the exploration going.I feel it is time for our government to step in. It will be take years if the government allows the oil compznies to do it. The environmentalist will get their nose into it too. We’ll be in this same predicatmeent in thirty more years. I write to Congress members constantly. I have written to a lot of them especially after I heard the Energy Secretary the other night on C-span. My rant on California will come another time.

  12. Cecil Jones on

    Stevo, 11 responses? Are you going to start paying royalties? I just found out about this website that pays to review porn movies. They say it pays, but I don’t want all those brown paper sacks left on my doorstep. What can “Big Brown” do for you? I don’t hear them crying about the price of gas. What do those big trucks run on? Airplanes have decided to slow down. What about fewer deliveries and no junk mail?

  13. Jerry on

    Cecil….lots of the delivery services & airlines are tacking on fuel surcharges to their prices…they couldn’t afford to stay in business without passing on these cost.

  14. Thomas Colby on

    Wow, this is a subject that almost everyone agrees on be it democrat, repub, Indie, whatever, I guess we can all see that its pretty much us, the american public, against Big Oil, and a do nothing goverment when it comes to Gas/Oil price contol. They sure have us backed into a corner, and what is so sad it, like Margie said, nothing has been doen in the 30 years since this first reared its ugly head. So whats the answer? What can we all do togehter?

  15. Margie on

    Put pressure on the government to do something. The oil companies don’t care. Jerry, you are right it is a delicate balncing act between OPEC and the oil companies. We all know who they suport. port. I say the government needs to do someything for the people. If they don’t, in November use your vote as power and make your vote count. Let see who comes up with the best plan. In the mantime we’ll all go broke. Like I said nothing has happened in thirty years, I’m a little pessimistic that anything wilWlchaNGE N

  16. Margie on

    That last sentence should read “I’m a little pessimistic that anything will change now” I hadn’t finished my thougth before my computer got ahead of me. LOL. So I just leave it there for now.

  17. gary on

    If our government can’t seem to solve the problem or get the fuel prices down…..they need to start subsidizing our gasoline and diesel prices…In China the government eats a lot of the fuel cost and they pay $1.50/gallon for gasoline.

  18. jerry on

    ****How the Oil Companies Make Their Billions****
    They make it on the production side of the business….they are continually drilling and setting up wells…..the oil and natural gas that comes from these wells they sell on the market(inflated global market) ….this oil does not go back to their refineries….they don’t won’t it at the refineries….if they did the government would always be breathing down their back wondering why gasoline and diesel was so high… that oil was free. This would kill their profit. Fact….in Mexico the oil comes directly from the oil field to the refinery and their diesel is 1.96/gallon!!!! NO MARKET BS TO DRIVE THE PRICE UP!!!!! Their oil business is nationalized. Our oil companies buy their oil on the market for their refineries and pay market price and just pass that cost on to us plus and additional 8% for profit on gasoline and diesel. They make their billions by never having a link between the well and refinery.

  19. JERRY on

    The Chinese Are Drilling!!!

    The Chinese have the right idea about how to operate their oil business….they drill and bring the oil back to their refineries and this has a direct impact on price and how much oil they have to import …..OUR CRAZY OIL COMPANIES DRILL AND SELL THEIR OIL ON THE MARKET AND MAKE BILLIONS AND IT GOES INTO A BLACK HOLE SOMEWHERE AND THEY LEAVE US HOLDING THE BAG WONDERING WHEN OUR GAS PRICES ARE GOING DOWN!!!

  20. Raceway on

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Raceway

  21. jerry on

    Here’s a Solution….

    1. We partnership with Mexico to build refineries and help them with oil exploration and improve their current oil fields.
    2. We build pipelines from Mexico to central hubs within the US.
    3. We bring the gas and diesel to government/franchise stations via 18 wheelers.
    4. The US oil companies can continue to drill and sell their oil on the market and make billions and compete with the government stations.

  22. jerry on

    We Can’t Start an Extensive Drilling Program Under These Circumstances!!!!

    The U.S. oil companies drill and sell their oil on the market and make billions and it goes into a black hold somewhere and we are left holding the bag wondering when our gas prices are going down. THIS WON’T WORK….THE SCHEME IS EXPOSED!!!! WE ONLY LET THEM DRILL IN THE OFFSHORE WATERS IF THEY AGREE TO BRING ALL OF THAT OIL BACK TO U.S. REFINERIES AND PRODUCE DISCOUNTED GASOLINE AND DIESEL WITH THAT OIL!!!!! THAT’S GOVERNMENT WATERS. THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! THESE BILLION DOLLAR PROFITS AREN’T PUTTING ANY GAS IN OUR TANKS!!!!!!!

  23. Jerry on

    From Oil and Gas Journal…
    President George W. Bush urged Congress to lift oil and gas leasing bans on the Outer Continental Shelf as the first of four steps to increase domestic supplies in response to soaring prices.

    The OCSD(outer continental shelf drilling) articles don’t mention anything about drilling and selling all of that oil on the market….THE SCHEME HAS BEEN EXPOSED!!!!!!

  24. jerry on

    Before we start any drilling program the U.S. Government needs to subpoena Big Oil’s Marketers to determine where all of that oil goes after it leaves the well.

  25. Ken Letizia on

    Jerry where do you get this information. I am learning alot about our oil industry just reading your comments. Where can I find more of this?

  26. jerry on

    We need to starve the oil companies by not letting them drill until they give us cheaper fuel. Their little bit of oil they produce doesn’t influence world oil prices….it only produces profits for them!!

  27. jerry on

    If our Government passes a law that prohibits shipping crude oil out of this country we need to make sure that we don’t create a loophole by not including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and heating oil….these products are a byproduct of crude and created at the refinery.

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