Polygamist Sect Wins … Abused Children Lose

Court Says Sect Kids Must Be Returned

SAN ANTONIO (May 29) – In a crushing blow to the state’s massive seizure of children from a polygamist sect’s ranch, the Texas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that child welfare officials overstepped their authority and the children should go back to their parents.

The high court affirmed a decision by an appellate court last week, saying Child Protective Services failed to show an immediate danger to the more than 400 children swept up from the Yearning For Zion Ranch nearly two months ago.  Full Story

The Beef ….

Let me start by saying I’m all in favor of Polygamy, and all its flavors.  Who could resist its offerings… polygyny (one man having multiple wives), polyandry (one woman having multiple husbands), or group marriage (some combination of polygyny and polyandry).   Come on, why stick with old tired vanilla ice cream, when you can go for the trifecta in Neapolitan !   More yummin’s for the tummin’s …. Oh wait, damn … Brain Freeze !!   …. No, it’s worse …. Brain Washed !!!

The problem here doesn’t have anything to do with polygamy.   Its about abuse.  Physical, mental, and sexual abuse of children who are at the mercy of misguided parents.  Parents who have been brain washed, and have fallen to the words of a spiritual leadership comprised of all things evil … i.e. Warren Jeffs.   This man, this so called “prophet”, is currently fulfilling a ten year sentence in prison.   Ten years should be more than long enough for him to either kill himself, or someone doing us, him, and his 500 wives and children the favor.  His teachings state that a man must have a least three wives to reach the highest realm of heaven.   I’m all in favor of trading the wives for knives, and send him on a one way trip to an eternity in the lowest realm of hell.

But enough of him … let’s get this right.  We need to find a way to help and resurrect these children and families without destroying their lives.   What’s the answer ?  It’s not throwing a blanket over all the children and sweeping them away from their parents, is it ?  Certainly their are some abusive adults that need to be investigated, tried, and punished appropriately.  But I suspect the vast majority simply need help finding their way back to a life that has some resemblance of truth and normalcy.  To an environment that’s physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy …  and then given the choice to lead that life as they may.  

So  what is the answer   … Government intervention ?  Lawmakers and Lawyers ?  Protective Services and Social Workers ?    Spiritual Guidance ?  Take the children and run ?  

Please hit the comments and leave your take … 



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  1. Thomas Colby on

    Wow, this is a tough issue, and by the way, very well written comments Stevo. I just don’t know expect I agree that if there is abuse to girls, boys, women under the control of these men, well, then its just wrong and should be stopped. On the other hand, I know nothing about this subject except what I have seen on Network Television, which I can take or leave with a grain of salt. I think this is one that will ultimately be handled by the courts and judges, hopefully the outcome will be fair and just and the lives of these now shattered children will be recovered. One question I have, how does this compare or relate, if at all, to Catholic priests, ect that abused children for so long without anyone speaking up for the children? Is it anything like that? I am asking.

  2. Cecil Jones on

    Stevo, you make it so easy to trump your comments. I think “Polygamy Chicks” are hot, but this has nothing to do with their lifestyle. The Beef here is “Illegal Search and Seizure.” The Court ruled against the strong emotional argument of abuse to protect the law for us all. An illegal search and seizure cannot be justified based on religious intolerance or supported lacking probable cause. Should a prank phone call allow the State or the Government to steal your kids? Here’s why I’m not worried. Each family has a right to face individual charges and proper notice has been given. This ain’t over, but not all of these families are abusing their kids. I think “Kissing Cousins” is abuse if it is forced upon the individuals, but it that’s the case can the government take all the kids in West Virginia into custody? That would make me bitter and cling to my Bible and gun. The Government is out of control. Let’s support and defend the Constitution before all rights are lost?

  3. Ken Letizia on

    I agree with Cecil, this is a clear cut mistake by the law enforcement authorities on this case. They made mistakes and therefore the status quo is unaffected by the action. (At this time)
    Now, here’s a sad situation. Yes, not all of the children were abused, but how many of them were on their way to being married at 14 or a teen pregnancy? Isn’t robbing these children of their youth abuse? That in itself is a crime. I dont see my daughter pregnant at 14. I see her in sweatshirts, jeans and maybe at a ball game with dad or Holiday on Ice with the family. I see her being a 14 year old, not a mom.
    And for the children who have been abused, what of their welfare now? How do we help them to overcome the abuse they have suffered and endured. This is the hard part for me. What we see as abuse, these people believe to be life in general. How do you tell children their beliefs, that they grew up with, are wrong. More later on this…
    Cecil, as a parent I agree, I am not ready for the state to be able to walk in to my home and tell me my children are going with them. From what I seen on CNN and whatever other news coverage, many of these children where swept up in a net of belief that, all the children were enduring some sort of abuse. Only to discover that this was not the case. Religious belief is not a reason to shock and awe a compound full of children. But it was enough to make someone take note and do something about it. So, the question I have to raise, “What, if anything, should the state agencies involved have done differently, to insure the children’s welfare is being considered first?” At this point, the compound is now under a microscope, and investigations, may lead to something. Who knows what. But where does this leave the state? Can they still help these children?
    Here we go…Can the mothers be repopulated into the mainstream of society? All of these people, in general, are of the same belief. And the children, have grown up not knowing any better. How do you take someone and tell them all they know is a lie or is immoral? By whos standards do we measure this. What will be the determining twain mark? I am for stopping the cruelty and the teenage pregnancy. No child should have to be a parent, but I am not for destroying someones life, who has a good life, and believes in it. So, who do you help? The mother with the brainwashed or religious beliefs, the 14 year old mother/wife, or do you go even lower in age, and help those who still have time to learn about other choices and other lifestyles? Where should one begin?

  4. Stevo on

    Cecil, there are more beefs regarding this “Sect and Seizure”, than I know where to begin. Kissing cousins is right… have you seen some of these children, many already look like cloned mongoloids from the familiar relations. Forced marriages, many of which these girls are in their early teens, being coupled with some old fart that already has a herd. Worse, if one of children escapes the sect, they punish the family left behind. Splitting the family apart, reassigning the mother and children to another camp, another husband, etc.

    I agree, over-reaction by child-welfare, and I’m certain they were looking for any excuse to get in there and inspect first hand. Sometimes you have to over-step your bounds, even if you know your actions will be over-turned … they did effectively bring the spotlight again on the injustices being done inside those walls. Child Protective Services often gets burned either way. If they move quickly, secure the children’s safety first, they’ve over-stepped there bounds. If they wait too long investigating, and a child ends up abused or dead, they’ve dropped the ball.

    Cecil, do you think this was really a case of religious intolerance? I think we all know there are wrongs’ occurring inside those walls that need to be righted … and it has nothing to do with religious beliefs. It’s about a few self-consumed men, claiming stake and owning everything and everyone, and at the expense and welfare of everyone else. A few living high on the hog, while the subservient are living in poverty in every sense of the word. If it’s a religious group, I’d have to call it by the name that has the most negative connotation in my mind … a cult. Maybe I’m religious cult intolerant.

  5. Stevo on

    Hey Ken, didn’t see you there before my post and probably said some of the same … good write.

  6. Ken Letizia on

    Steve, this is a good topic. I feel many of us, if not all, who are parents, will have an opinion. This is a hard topic, it involves, morals, beliefs, religion, right and wrong, and where the lines in all these things must be drawn. Looking forward to the posts to come.

  7. Terri on

    Returning these children I believe is a 50/50.
    They are sent back to their families to be loved and cared for the only way that their sect knows how and returned to the only life that they know. Yes for them that must have some comfort.
    But they are also being returned to a life of insect and sexual abuse to have more children and continue this horrific cyle of abuse.
    So which side do you pick?
    I’ll bet you can guess mine!

  8. Margie on

    Steve, I have to agree with you. I think there was a over-reaction in the beginning. However I think in this case there needs to be. I’m glad that the Judge (a woman by the way) stepped in and is putting some restrictions on the returning of the children. I think each case should be looked at separately from the rest. In some cases men only have one wife and children with her. Maybe they could move out. I don’t know but I feel putting all the children back in the same situation will cause them greater harm.

    I watched a 48 Hour Special recently on this sect. It was about “The Lost Boys” who were forced to leave the compound at age 16 because they are boys. Men wanted the young girls for themselves. What pray tell is right about this? These girls don’t have a choice or even know what the real world is about. I would be interested in knowing how many women went into this knowing what they were doing or how many were born into this lifestyle? Figures we will never know.

    There is another compound in Colorado City, AZ. That is where the “Lost Boys” were from. There is a home set up near there as a rescue house. These boys are adjusting to finding out about life. They have no contact with their families. It also told about a woman who got two teeage girls out. One went on to college and is now somewhere in the northwest.The college girl’s family was split up aned her Mother given to another man. The other girl went back to the compound. This Warren Jeffs is a real creep. I hope he stays in jail forever. I’m for the children and their safety. That’s my beef for the day….

  9. Cecil Jones on

    Stevo, I just offer commentary to stir the Beef Stew. I come down firmly on the position that “The law is the law.” If people enforcing the law break it, the case shouldn’t hold up in court. It’s like America going into Iraq as police looking for WMD and finding nothing! This case should have been dismissed and someone big would lose their job over a big blunder. It’s just like the Duke Lacross case. Bad evidence you pay for the hype. These Cult kids can’t leave Texas and if anyone of them cries for any reason, the state has probable cause. Polygamy Chicks are too hot to keep hidden. Actually, I’m asking my wife to wear her hair up and occassionally wash my feet with her hair. Sexy! I don’t need extra lovers because I’m an old fart and my heart can’t take viagra. I also don’t want alimony payments. This was a good topic, but don’t lead with your chin. I’ve got no Beef with you. I want you to be a success so I can get paid. Comments like this don’t make the news.

  10. Stevo on

    Paid ? Have you checked your mail lately, I’ve sent you three invoices, and your 90 days past due on payment. I accept credit cards if your in a bind.

    Seriously though, the only payment you’ll ever receive from beefing on this blog is the pleasure of our company … isn’t that enough ?

    If you really want to get paid, you might try creating a blog titled “stuff black people like” … because the writers of the blog “stuff white people like” got a book deal and a $300,000 advance. Or how ’bout “stuff black people hate” ? Your first entry could be you hate that the writers of “stuff white people like” got paid three hundred thousand dollars because they like new balance shoes.

    Better yet, get started on that book of yours. You’d get at least one sale from myself. And many more I’m sure.

    Oh wait, what do you think of …. “Stuff Polygamists Like” ??

  11. Patricia on

    This topic is by far one of the most incendiary at the moment. On one hand, we are concerned about the futures of innocent children, both boys and girls, who have no control over a very scary future. On the other, we are faced with our basic, bedrock beliefs in freedom of religion and the privacy of home and family. Absent immediate threat of danger to a specific child, what can anyone do? Are we allowed to “do” anything about others’ lifestyles, simply because we disagree with said lifestyles? Can the relevant states (Texas and Arizona) require some sort of record keeping on children (all children, not just the children of this sect) to ensure that they are well-educated and not forced in marriage before a certain age? Some states have record keeping rules for home-schooled children. Perhaps laws could be developed and enforced in those areas that would help in this area as well. If the children had to be tested annually up to a certain age, the states could have contact with them and make certain that the girls are not being married off and that the boys are not being shipped off.

  12. gary on

    About the best we can hope for is that a couple of those families might sue the church and bankrupt them…..then they will be history!!!

  13. Kendal on

    As a gay man I am bemused when the topic of same-sex marriage comes up and people will ask, “so what’s next – polygamy?” Seems like it’s Christian groups or cults (if that’s the right word) that are in the headlines for this. Why don’t you ask them? LOL

  14. LydiLouiKats on

    Not only are these cults harboring a bunch of people with demented views on family life.
    Lets not forget they also use these cults, living arrangements for tax shelters.
    They probably pay limited income tax, (using their sect, as a charity donation) and probably don’t own any property on purpose so they don’t have to have mortgages, and have to pay property tax.
    They also probably do maintain the internal building and grounds on their own to pay for their upkeep also avoiding paying rent.
    So what ever income they make for a living on their own, they bascially get to keep.
    Not something most of us hard working outsiders get to enjoy our hard earned dollar.

  15. Cecil Jones on

    From time to time, a person has to check in to make sure everyone is still alive and kicking. My Beef today is about the 17 girls who deliberately got pregnant. I told you “Polygamy Chicks Are Hot.” They are changing the rules of the game. Borrow some unsuspecting dude’s offspring, grow them in a petri dish for 9 months, collect welfare from the government with your close friends, pool the money and “Chicks Rule.” Who needs to ruin a good thing with marriage or men? These kids today are really smart or dumb as posts. That’s what happens when they are “Raised by Wolves.” Stevo, where you at?

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