Hi, my name is Steve, and welcome to The Beefs ….. I’m just your average,  slightly disgruntled blogger, with a few gripes I’d like to share occassionally.  I hope you’ll join me in this collaboration of life’s frustrations, annoyances, troubles and tribulations, and all the other aggravations that boil underneath.  Let them vent here, on this blog, where we can all join in on the fun.   Whether its life, politics, work, home, or just some general thoughts or refections, it’s all fair game.


If you would like to be added as an author, please email me and I’ll certainly welcome your contributions.


Let the beef’s begin ….








2 comments so far

  1. Ted G on

    Steve , Nice Blog You Have Here.

    I noticed the Democrates Mule “Ebony & Ivory.”
    I`ve been around long enough to know when I am sitting in on a “Fixed Game” Steve and if this election cycle isn`t a fixed game I don`t know what is.
    Now don`t go telling me that Elections can`t be fixed Steve because you know better.

    Ted G.

  2. Stevo on

    No doubt, the fix is on … weighted dice, marked cards, points being shaved, hanging chads … only one thing could make it worse …watered down alcohol.

    Hey, I just liked the donkey. Simple as that. Doesn’t get interesting until the Dems finish their business, and McCain gets back into the game.

    Thanks for the kind words, and perpetuating the conspiracy. :)

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