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Need Gas Relief ? How ’bout Sticking it to OPEC and Big Oil.

Four Dollars “a gallon” looks like a done deal.  Big Oil’s profits are up.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend ! … for us, or for them ?

I’m sure many will be taking shorter trips this long holiday weekend. While most of us will probably just enjoy the weekend at home with family and friends. And then there’s a few of us, that will be seething at the mouth, conspiring ways to stick it to OPEC and Big Oil !

Here’s a few ideas from a contributor on how to get ‘er done … give it a read, and hit the comments with your take.

The Beef …

1. We need to break up OPEC….they have too much oil to be a monopoly!!!
2. We need independent evaluations of their oil fields… how much oil is available there to pump and how do their reserves look!!!!
3. We need a totally “free market” on oil without supply manipulation and monopolization!!!
4. If a country is caught holding back oil from the market they will be fined millions of dollars!!!
5. We need World Trade Organization, foreign governments, economist, geologist, engineers, accountants, and lawyers to bring this all together…..We don’t need Big Oils involvement because they love OPEC….OPEC keeps prices inflated and Big Oil’s profits up!


Thanks Gary for the contribution.

I’m inline with getting in line this weekend, but only for soda, beer, hot dogs, hamburger, and chips. If I’m going to experience gas pain, its not going to be from filling up at the pump :)


P.B. (Post Beef) …. Enjoy the long weekend, drive safely, and take a moment to remember and reflect upon the U.S. men and women that gave their lives for our country and provided us with freedoms we enjoy today. I am especially thankful for the right and freedom to beef, and appreciative to all of you that have shared your thoughts and comments on this site … you’ve made my life a better place.



Does Hillary Have The Popular Vote ? Clinton’metrics 101

“I am very proud that as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anybody else,” she said after her narrow Indiana victory and before her big win in West Virginia on Tuesday. “It’s a very close race, but if you count, as I count, the 2.3 million people who voted in Michigan and Florida, then we are going to build on that.”

Since then, Clinton has tempered her claim of being ahead in votes, although her aides have not.

“I think I’ve now been privileged to receive the votes of 17 million Americans, and that’s pretty much the same as Senator Obama,” she said Wednesday on CNN.

Her campaign chairman, Terry McAuliffe, went farther Wednesday: “We are ahead in the popular vote — I cannot stress this enough.”

The Beef …

I counted every vote and it all adds up… but only if you’re using “Clintonmetrics”.

“Clintonmetrics” is a system of voting metrics (mathmatics + tricks) developed by the Clintons to spin the voting numbers their way.  Coined here first, on the beefs.  Wikipedia has yet to contact me, but it shouldn’t be long :)

The formula:

fuzzy math + deception + wishful thinking = Clintonmetrics

Regardless of what math they use,  it makes no difference.  This is not a race for votes, it is a race for delegates.   The popular vote is irrelevant, unless you live in Billary’s world.  If you did, Al Gore would be finishing up his second term as president.


If you’re interested in all the numbers, check out the analysis on The Kicker ! 

Indecent Matrimony ? California Legalizes Gay Marriage

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California’s Supreme Court declared gay couples in the nation’s biggest state can marry — a monumental but perhaps short-lived victory for the gay rights movement Thursday that was greeted with tears, hugs, kisses and at least one instant proposal of matrimony.

Same-sex couples could tie the knot in as little as a month. But the window could close soon after — religious and social conservatives are pressing to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November that would undo the Supreme Court ruling and ban gay marriage.  Full Story

The Beef …

I’m sorry, did I miss something here? The public which makes the laws said, “No gay marriage in the State of California.” Yet the California Supreme Court said, “Yes!”  Forgive me a moment, but aren’t the wishes of the public the lawmaker’s responsibility to represent?  I believe marriage was only meant for a man and a woman. As a parent, I don’t want my children to see gay marriage as legal. It’s not just my personal beliefs being cast aside, clearly my thoughts and values are in line with most of California’s population.  Shouldn’t the Supreme Court be representing the voice and will of the majority in this instance?   California has already provided the privilege of Domestic Partner Laws and Benefits for gay couples. Enough! It is time for the public to take back America.  In November when this comes up on the ballot, just vote No!  A clear message must be sent to our law makers that we have a voice, and when we use that voice, you have to follow our wishes.  California is not for gay marriage.  Californians have spoken, now the government must uphold the law. 

~ Ken Letizia  Author / Contributor

Bush Gives Up Golf, But Shanks Another One.

Possibly Bush's last swing of the clubBush Gave Up Golf in Solidarity with Iraq Dead. 

WASHINGTON (May 13) – President Bush said Tuesday he was disappointed in “flawed intelligence” before the Iraq war and was concerned that if a Democrat wins the presidency in November and withdrew troops prematurely it could “eventually lead to another attack on the United States.”

In an interview with the political newspaper Politico and Yahoo News, Bush also said he gave up golf in 2003 out of respect for U.S. soldiers killed in the war, which has now lasted more than five years.

“I didn’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,” he said. “I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”  Full Story

The Beefs …

Fore !! … Bush shanks another one.  I guess we’re supposed to think its commendable that Bush gave up golf in solidarity for the thousands of young men and women that have lost their lives in Iraq ?   Perhaps he should have listened to his caddy, kept his driver in the bag, and instead continued working on his short game at home.   Not only would have it dramatically improved his score card on the golf course, it certainly would have raised his score with the American people.   And of course, lowered the score of lives lost abroad.  

Unfortunately, no mulligans allowed on this course.


Hillary to resurrect Rod Sterling ?

If Hillary wins by a  small margin in PA , the twilight zone will continue for a couple more episodes.  She may want to consider resurrecting Rod Sterling for a little Sci-Fi guidance.   For those of you too young to recall, Rod Sterling hosted The Twilight Zone, a nightly anthology that ran on TV in the early sixties.  It was a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror … a world not to unfamiliar to the Hillary’s campaign these days.   In this drama, Hillary is truly in despair; hanging on to hope, with not much left but her pride.   I bet she wishes she could dig back into the Tzone archives and resurrect her own cult hit.  But unfortunately for her, it looks like the best she can hope for is a spinoff… as second in command.  Assuming Obama and Hillary can stomach and withstand the horror to be imparted by John McCain and the Republican campaign. 

Thanks for the read, and I look forward to your comments.